Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Almost Carl's 2nd birthday

Been very busy planning for Carl's 2nd birthday party. Ang bilis ng panahon no? 2nd birthday na agad.But i'll do it here sa Guam, wawa nman mga godparents nya dito diko pa sila na treat. It's a Pirate theme. Maloka loka na ako sa gastos. But I want it to be super special. Super limited ang mga choices ko. Walang mascot diko, merong clowns pero 3 lang ata silang pwedeng pagpilian. Merong magician pero ang hirap kontakin. Naaaburido na ako... weeeee

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grohe faucets

Everytime I go to a hotel or visit a friends house I've always been amazed to those kitchen faucets and bath faucets that has custom shower systems, and just checking the outstanding design and practical perfection you simply cannot ignore I'm just so so jealous and wanted to have one just like that someday. Grohe faucets have many unique styles and finishes designed to compliment any demanding home design project just like what I want.

finger pulse oximeter

More and more people are now looking for more convenience rather than used the old school level. Just like those High blood pressure monitor you can easily read it just by putting it on your hand risk and now the finger pulse oximeter. The most economical, medical-grade oximeter to check oxygen level & pulse-rate.

Friday, April 9, 2010

job search

Have you been on a job hunting for quite some times? Or you are currently not satisfied for what you have today and you wanted to have the carried that you really dream off? Why not try to used to job search online. Here you might able to find and get the job that your really dreaming off. So what are you waiting for. With just one click could be the first step towards the best future.


With so many products on the market, I feel it's just so impossible to compare all the products that come's to the market and how to differentiate each single of them. But ColonCleansing.org is different, in their website they provide the perfect educational forum that welcomes all visitors to the biggest database of information related to colon cleansing. And they also provide all the extensive research, consumer reviews, and much more for those seeking to find the best colon cleanse products available.

Weight Loss Supplement

Have you notice there 's a lot of weight loss supplement that's coming out in the market just like those bsn atro phex. And everybody claims that they really can provide complete standard in weight loss and can really help people to loss those unwanted fats. Personally I haven't tried using those supplement because I know exercising would still be the best Energy and Weight loss doctor.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yan ang napala ko...

Hayan sa kaka NBI ko... ang napala ko? "High Blood" Na naman...

Pwede kobang i-block ang isang friend list ng asawa ko ng hindi nya nalalaman? bwhehhe

Friday, April 2, 2010

muscle supplement

I was with my cousin one day and watching those muscle man dancing and showing their abs off. Sometimes I think would it be funny if i get one of those abs? Just like those women who have lots of muscle. I just thought that if i can have a muscle i will be more strong and at least I can do more manly jobs right? Wasn't sure about it but don't you guys think their using muscle supplement?

best thermogenic fat burner

In this new generation almost everything is so possible. Burning all the fats from one working machine, doing liposuction or the new and best thermogenic fat burner in town. I wasn't planning to try it yet because I wanted to continue exercising first and do it in a natural way but in case I got all the savings and money that i can used, why not try it right?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Burning fats

The last time I went to the Clinic my doctor said I really need to burn all my fats to stay healthy. Never really got an everyday exercise. I really really need one. At work i was just in front of the computer and no exercise happening. At home I'm busy doing household chores and taking care of the baby. so where would the burning belly fat would happen? I know there is no short cut on this one, all I need is exercise. Period.

Save for the future

Have you ever tried saving some money for your future health expense? I bet no. Almost every body has medical insurance. As for me, I'm only paying 20% of the charge and the rest is the insurance company. But I'm thinking if one day I got laid-off or lose my job? How can i able to pay for my baby's medical? But hopefully not. I've been planning to settle and have an health savings account for the future.

Are you Lucky enough?

One of the most expensive price that we've given away in the company last Christmas party is the LCD HDTV. I tell you everybody wanted to get it. And for sure I was one of those unlucky employee that never got a chance to win on a raffle. Lol. It's just not I am not lucky for every raffle that I join. It's my destiny. Haha! Anyways, Im planning to buy that LCD HDTV one day in the future. I bet you I'll get the biggest one. Haha

Elegant Bathroom

You wanna re-decorate or change the whole ambiance of your bathroom? Renovating nowadays can really cost you too much. But if you really want have the best just be prepared on how much you can spend on your property. Don't you want to try those stone sink that are so super elegant?
They are made out of natural stone like granite, onyx and marble. If you really wanted to use such a unique piece for your bathroom you should try getting one of these.

Insurance For Less

Have you ever got into a car accident and by the time you need to renew your insurance the premium went up high at least by 20-30%. Don't get shock! Insurance company needs to take off your 20% no accident with the last three years discount. But if you really think that they've been charging you too much you can able to get insurance quotes on other insurance company and go get the best one with good premium quotes. Don't rely on one insurance company that you think you don't deserve.