Thursday, February 25, 2010

quick weight loss

Part of my plan this month is to get organized and have a good healthy lifestyle. I wanted to have my good health back and also I really need to lose weight. That's everybody's telling me. I really need to lose this very lose belly that I have. I wasn't sure if i prefer to have those quick weight loss program, but probably I rather stick in doing exercise and eating the right food.

mesothelioma treatments

One day I realize my healthy life style is really no good. I got no time to exercise and i got no time to choose what I will eat and I really don't have time to be conscious. But not no more. After I got a high blood pressure I wanted to promise myself that I wanted my health to be good from now on. I wanted to have a healthy life style. I don't know what treatments my Doctor will give me on my next check -up but for sure you can find something useful on mesothelioma treatments

life insurance rates

The life insurance rates depends on how healthy you are and also how old you are. But thank God I was able to get into a good company that enroll us on a life insurance without us paying a single penny. That's what they call a good company right? They are the one paying on our premium monthly courtesy of our good performance. I just hope every company is like our company.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

getting rid of belly fat

Here we go again. How to lose weight. How to lose those belly fats. How to lose confidence. Whatttttttttt? Yes. I tell you once you fee you are gaining too much you will just instantly lose your confidence and will start being self-pity. So getting rid of belly fat is really not that hard. Just focus, be good to you body, discipline, exercise and eat the right food. Was that hard? Yes. Because I myself sometimes don't do the right thing. So it's really up to our self on how we will deal on this situation

Anti aging product

Whoever discover this anti-aging product, I think he is one of the millionaire this time around. Why? who doesn't want to stay young and feel young and look young? A mother of three who looks like a mother of one would be really amazed. Anti aging product might frozen are skin to stop it from aging uh? haha just kidding folks. I wanted too look 30 when I reach the age of 40, who wants not? Maybe I'll start saving money so when i each that age i can start buying those products right?

top diet pills

Every now and then it's still popping in my head on how will I lose weight without getting into a surgery or not too much exercise. I admit I do not have that much time to go around and walk around and exercise. Because I do have a lot of work to do and too much chores at home. Are those diet pills really working? I'm afraid so. And I'm afraid to do so. Watch out those top diet pills that they sell. They could have work on some people but not everybody.

how to get rid of blackheads

I remember back in my college days me and my friends loves poking our black heads. Maybe because we don't have enough sleep during that time that's why where having so much break-outs and black heads. But that time we really don't know how to get rid of our black heads because we were too young and we don't have enough money to go for a treatment. But now, there's a solution on how to get rid of blackheads. You can try if you have kids who are in growing stages.

I need Check-up

My son is turning two years old this June, and since the day I give birth to him I never got my cholesterol and high blood pressure check. Yes i know its bad, it's just that I don't have enough time to get check and get it done. But I really need check up one of this days. I can feel somethings wrong with my body. Could be a high blood pressure or I might have high cholesterol right? Thank God there are cholesterol medication that I can used.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

1 year na akong tamad

I got this Nikon D90 as my birthday gift since last year September, hanggang ganun diko parin na eexplore. Kase tamad magbasa ng manual ang Lola nyo.. hmmppp 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Industrial Supplies

I was busy preparing for my son's second birthday, and it is five months from today. Lol. Too early you think? No way. I'm in the budget and i wanted to save all the money that I can. And planning too early will save me more isn't it? I've been searching online and asking here and there and I think getting all the stuff I needed online will save me more. Haven't you tried that yet? Just check out those sites that you think their not available on your place, just like those industrial supplies that is so hard to find.

Administrative Job

I will honestly tell you right now, that even before i graduated college I already know in my heart that one day in the future I will work in a office. And were I am right now, is were my heart is. A lot of people doesn't enjoy working in an admin, but many people do and I am one of them. So if your one of me then I tell you there are really a lot of admin jobs nowadays, it's just that sometimes we really need to start at the bottom before we can able to reach our dream job.

Be Strong and Healthy

Many people are being so dependent to those multi-vitamins medications that was being prescribe today. I wasn't sure if everybody will be satisfied getting a Vitamin A or Calcium from a tablet instead of eating vegetables or fruits. Oh well if you ask me I might take a multiple vitamins but not to be totally independent to them right?

Wii Player

Many kids are expecting to get what they want during Christmas or on their birthday. And most of them are really asking for a wii or ds. You can even ask Santa. Lol. And one of them is my niece. She really wanted a Nintendo DS, but sad to say because she's only 8 years old even I wanted to buy her one, her Mom doesn't want me too because she might lose interest on her studies. And I think she is right.