Friday, October 30, 2009

Meet Carl's New Best Friend

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I can barely seeat i groom that used coat and tie or barong now adays especially in the weddings that i've attended. They now simply wear those tuxedo vest that are so elegant and really easy to put on and comfortable. I might buying one for my baby's second birthday i know he will look really great.

Cleanliness is next ot godliness

One morning my co-worker ask me that treatment this i used why suddenly all my pimples and acne are gone. I told her about the acne treatment that i used. But because her grand daughter is too young to used this product i only recommend her to used mild soaps and always clean her face with soft towel or tissue.

Walk in tubs

The most common request of children when their parents are trying to buy or purchase a home is: of course they wanted to have a bath tub but i tell you this time around not kids ask for this. Even the older people really for this walk in tubs that are really good and superior especially if you really need a good bath after a 8 hours work.

Linksys Router

I applaude this guy who invent the router. This is the ultimate answer to my monthly problems with my computer. See, everybody in he family has their own computer and everybody wants to go online on the same time so without this router i think every body will be faint waiting for the other person to finish in the internet. And i bet Linksys router are consider the best as of this time.

How to protect your family

Everytime i attend a funeral or visiting a sick friend or relatives in the hospital or at their home i've been thinking about their family when their gone. Will they survive without them? Have they thought of getting those cheap life insurance that can help their famiy to survive and continue their life? How bout you have you think about getting one to protect your family?

Christmas is coming

We just move to a new home one month ago and becuase it's almost christmas time it's time to prepare for those christmas lights and christmas trees and christmas decor. Everybidy is so excited to decorate. We have some indoor and outdoor lights that we need to change were planning to put red lights on every corner of the house so it would look really calm during the night.

Pimp your car

I just bought a new pair of seat cover for my nissan xterra and i cant wait to see them this week. I've been trying to overhaul my car little by little. Next is line would be a portable dvd and mount so my baby can watch his favorite dvd while im driving him to the baby sitter. But have you seen those chrome accessories? They like match made to look your car gorgeous. I might collect all the money that my baby wil get this christmas and buy one of this for my car. Lol.

Shoe fanatic

Are you a shoe fanatic? Well your not the only one i am pretty proud that i buy every shoe that i want. Bu of course i still try to manage my budget because i have still a small baby that i need to take care of and hive his needs too. But have you seen those Clarks shoes? You wanna try them? May i will one of this days..

Protect your business

If you are a business man and you wanted your company to be fully secure and to continue to grow then you should take a look to those business continuity services that can able to help you from IT consulting services even for those disaster recovery planning that you need. In every business we should have insurance and assurance in everything.

Weight Problem

I just got my once a year pap smear test and as I was talking my doctor about my weight problem she told me thati really need an exercise about three times a week. Taking diet pills is not as bad as they say but if we take them andeat a good balance diet with exercise i think every goal we have is realy easy to achieve.