Thursday, February 19, 2009

Be healthy and weathly

Being healthy is our top priority this new year. Eating healthy food, exercise and spending leisure time with the family. I’ve been gaining couple of pounds since I gave birth. I know it’s not as fast as one two three before I can be as thin as Paris Hilton but I wanted to be healthy and light. I’m not sure if ever I will use those diet pill will keep me boost the whole day. But exercise and eating veggies would still be our number one priority list.

Budget Wise

While almost everybody is talking about how they would spend their stimulus check, I was thinking about how I would budget mine. (Though we haven’t got it yet uh?) Lol. I’ve been planning to buy a house and get a mortgage loan. I do hope and pray that the government can able to help me. I am not rich. I don’t even have a lot of money in the bank. Hopefully I would get approve to any of the bank here in our island. It would be a big help for me and my family. Budget wise, I’m happy and satisfied buying our stuff online especially if it’s on sale.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Carl's 3rd hair Cut

Ayaw naming biglain baka magtampo ang buhok kaya inunti unti namin. But this time my mom used a raizor.

Yeap. My Mom is a barber. Thank God to the Art of Free haircut... hihihi

Pardon for my shots. diko alam pano ko stretch ang kamay ko makuhanan kolang ng side view.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Medical Field

Being in a medical field is really a though job. I remember a friend of mind who is very willing to help people in the province inspite of not getting compensated well. He inspired everybody in our school. Though he is not that rich but he offer his talent and his time to serve people like the ita's in the mountain province. He is really a hero to me. Hope one day i can able to enroll to one of the medical assistant training school so i can also help people.

Get yourself back to school

I've been chatting with a friend recently and she now stay in California. She just got there last year so she doesn't got any job yet. She said she's been bored since she went there. There's a lot of job she said but they need qualification in order for her to get the job. I told her that if she really serious in getting a higher pay job she should get herself to technical colleges in California. So that the next time she applied she could be qualified. Am i right?

Valentines gift anyone?

If you would personally ask me what do I want to receive this valentines day? I think i would prefer receiving cash instead of a flowers or a chocolates. Lol. Why? Because first i don't really like eating chocolates (I'm on a diet remember?) and I personally don't like receiving flowers because it's like wasting your money. After couple of days you need to throw it anyways right? Might as well give me one of those Gucci watches I might kiss your ass. Lol...

Monday, February 2, 2009