Monday, January 26, 2009

My Recent Trip to...

Pinas... sorry diko na kayo nasabihan... 3 days lang kami ni Carl. umutot lang kami tapos umuwi na agad... hahhaha

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

personalized books

As a blogger one day I wanted by blog to be published as a book. Though I don’t plan to have it sell but I wanted a copy for myself in case online blogging got lost one day at least I have it in black and white right? Have you tired those personalized books? I haven’t done one but I’m pretty sure I’ll make one in the future.

Weight Loss

Since I gave birth to my first son, I can’t help but gain weight. I tell you this is one of the reasons I was always stressed this past few days. I can’t help but eat a lot and got tired after. I know I wasn’t living a healthy life so I wanted to be start loosing these fats. You think those weight loss pills could able to help me?

Scented Candles

I was in college when I start collecting scented candles in my room. I can’t help but get relaxed every time I smell the scented flowers from the candles. One of my favorite scents is the lavender. It sooths my body and uplift my soul. So from then on candles had always been part of my life, and every corner of the house has one like those pillar candles.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mickey and Friends theme Party

I think Sarah would love this theme for Baby Carl's first birthday party ne?

I need to change the theme from Barney & Friends to Mickey Mouse & Friends theme.

I don't know why Carl doesn't like Barney. I introduce Barney to him and let him play the plush toy but he doesn't seem to enjoy it. Pero pag si Mickey Mouse ung binibigay ko tawa pa yan ng tawa.

Im starting to inquire seriously na talaga. Mukhang mambubutas ako ng alkansya e! I found some intresting site already. I pray to God ma swak nman sa budget.