Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas Gift to me....


I'll be wearing those Madden Girl Sicilly Sandals anytime next week and hopefully before Christmas. Why it took me so long to order them? They are not in my top list in my shopping cart. But with my patience i found a good site that sell them na medyo mura and accept paypal (husband shouldn't know this lol).

But they just stay in the cart since monday. And today when i was ready to check-out i paused and sigh... drama.. hahha kahit medyo mura na sya, parang feeling ko me mas mura pa dun. Hahah..

So i tried googling coupon discount for that store and found 20% off.... waaa this is it. The only thing is i got a black instead of brown. Okey lang. Oooopps one more thing pala. I got size 10 instead of 9 1/2.. dahhh... pwede na... (i dont know the reason pero since i gave birth my foot size 8 1/2 went up to a dragon size....)

Friday, December 12, 2008

It's all MMM's fault... hahah

Madden Girl Women's Sicilly Gladiator Sandal

I'ved been eyeing this sandals for quite sometimes now. magpapasko kona diko pa ma check-out.. waaaa si Maymee kc eh nanunukso sa mga pictures nya... hahah

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

'Too much to take'

Esther (not her real name), 28, a professional living and working in Zimbabwe's capital, Harare, describes how the daily struggle to survive is reaching a point of desperation.

We have been very patient, waiting all this time for a peaceful solution. It is getting to be too much now.

It is beyond what anyone can face; what an individual can take.

The cutting off of the city's water when there's a cholera outbreak, the cash withdrawal limit and now the security forces becoming undisciplined.

We deserve a better life. We are not a country at war but look at the kind of life we are living. What on earth is going on?

Get your Degree Now!

Who doesn’t want to finish school? We all wanted to be a degree holder right? But with this time everybody is just so busy with every thing. Every body has different life style and just chose to ignore the reality that in order to have a good job and have good money in the pocket is to have a good educational background too.

With a little time to spend in front of your computer in the convenience of you home you can able to get an online degree with those prestigious universities. If you really are willing to earn a degree then this could be the right time for you to decide whether or not you want a good future for you and you family. If you think you want to try it now check the online university degree information at

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US 'warned India' about attacks

The US warned India about a possible threat at least a month before last week's Mumbai attacks, US media have quoted unnamed officials as saying.

One senior US official also told the BBC there were "strong indications" that the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Toiba group was behind the carnage.

Pakistan has denied involvement in the attacks, in which 188 people died, and has proposed a joint investigation.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is due in Delhi to discuss the crisis.

She has urged India and Pakistan to remain in contact and work together to find those behind the "horrible attack".

Ms Rice said all parties should "co-operate fully, and Pakistan in particular needs to co-operate fully and transparently".

I got addicted

Almost everybody knew that I love scrapping pictures. I have a picture of my baby almost every other day so I wont missed any events as he grows up. Lol. And I can say that scrapbooking has changed my life. My life style actually. Why? Because I intend to stay home and do my scrap works that go outside and do nothing. Hehe!

I just so love it!!

My co-worker just brought a new 42” flat screen television. Wow. I go to their house almost every day because that is where I baby sit my baby. And it was really so nice and it was like your watching in a theater. And she is planning to buy a home theater seating so her kids can enjoy watching their favorite shows.

Renovation Continues

We just move to a new three bedroom house recently. But we need to do a little renovation. And after six months were almost done. But Mom kept asking when we will change the kitchen faucets, because it has been leaking for quite sometime now. So maybe this holiday sale is the best time to get great deals for household items right?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Baby's Development at the age of Six months CONT:

During this age, you tend to find a very friendly and cheerful person in your baby every now and then. She not only responds to attention from other, but also initiates attention seeking stunts. While your little social animal does experience stranger anxiety at times, she generally becomes friendly with anyone who approaches her with a smiling face and raised eyebrows. This tendency of her may worry you or bother you, but she craves for your attention the most.

Your six months old baby is an intelligent being already, as she knows that both her good and bad behaviors engage your attention equally. As a result, she does anything and everything to grab your attention, rather than please you. This tendency persists in your baby for years together. Six months old is generally excused each time she uses wrong means to engage your attention. However, as the tendency never dies, the same behavioral pattern proves to be provocative when she turns years older.

Your baby loves turn-taking games that involve use of sound and language. By six months of age, the baby‘s hearing and optical abilities are at par with you. Her communication skills are also expanding highly. If wondering how to entertain your baby for sure, take a glass of water filled only up to three quarters and put in straw to blow bubbles. As you will blow bubbles in the glass, your baby will be delighted.

Now, your baby uses more than oral exploration to unveil her world. She uses all of his senses, from eyes, to mouth and skin to discover the cause and effect relationships between various objects present in his surroundings. So it is only safe to keep anything toxic or remotely harmful beyond the reach of your baby.

Your baby by now responds well to sound. It is, therefore, ideal time to start reading books to him. You may pick up books with pictures to read for your baby. Reading loudly and with various tones of voice will enhance the story hearing experience of your child manifolds and inculcates good habit of book reading in the long run.

If you are not finding one or more traits in your six months old right now, there is little reason to worry. It is a well established medical fact that each baby is unique and meets physical milestones at his or her own pace. The traits mentioned above are only indicative of a standard case. Actually speaking, the developments may take place a couple of months sooner or later.

Protecting Gears

Many of our law enforcement agencies like our police patrol, military personnel, security professionals, animal rescuer and of course police officers needs appropriate gears to secure their self in times of operations. Because in every situation we always wanted the security of every one from danger. We wanted to keep the people safe right?

We just don’t want to secure our self but we wanted to secure our family. We don’t want them to lose good people in their family and we don’t want to lose good people in the government who always watch and secure people.

So the best thing to do is to have a complete set of gears in every close encounter to danger. Law enforcement people are always been in danger every time they go out and start the day. They need to make sure that they just not protecting people but also to protect their self.

Thanks to LA Police Gear, Inc Headquarters they are proud in helping people and officers to get the gear they need. Their business has grown and changed greatly over the years and now serves the general public, military personnel, security professionals, and of course police officers (or anyone else who would like to buy).

What nice also is L.A. Police Gear, Inc. takes the issue of security very seriously. So you guys don’t need to worry to the security of your bank card number because they provide the total protected when you buys stuff from them. So don’t think that they only sell gears for cops because they can sell for everyone like those Fenix flashlights. So if you are interested go ahead and check their site, you can ask them question and ask for a quotation.

As George Orwell on a BBC broadcast, April 4, 1942 --- "We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm."

Baby's Development at the age of Six months

Six months of age is a milestone age for any young baby, marking significant fluency in her capabilities and skills. By this time, the baby almost masters hand control, so much so that she is able to pull an object towards her or grab any toy instantly. She likes to explore her world and keeps revealing various cause and effect relationships in her surroundings. During this age, your little one may also discover the fun involved in letting go of something, rather than otherwise.

Many parents get concerned about their child being right handed or left handed, starting at this tender age of their infant. The fact is that your baby may shift his preferences in respect of using left or right hand more often, till the time she turns at least two years old. The right age to find out whether your child is left-handed or right-handed is when she turns three years old.

By now, most babies learn to roll over in each direction that also justifies the age being called the milestone age in the life of an infant. Now your baby is more mobile than ever and cannot be trusted alone on any raised platform.