Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas give aways

Who doesn’t love cookies? Especially chocolate chip cookies, omg I’m dying to eat this stuff since time immemorial. Lol. Kidding. But I remember I was so in love with the oatmeal cookies when I was still pregnant, I just so love the smell of the fresh new baked cookies.

My husband’s favorite is the snickerdoodle cookies, he won’t forget all the things that you asked him to buy if you promise him a box of this. I haven’t tried the sugar cookie but I like sweet so I better tried it right? Lol…

And the christmas cookies are best gifts for your friends, co-workers and neighbors. They will truly appreciate your generosity especially if you’re the one who baked it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

IT job search

In today’s technology every body should learn how to manipulate or how to work in front of the computer. No more mailing letters because we adopt the used of emails and instant messages that pop out in our computer screen. In just one click away you can able to talk to your boss even if he is half world away. A lot of people are into an IT job search because many company are looking for good computer people.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Random Pictures

She took a picture of me... adik e!

Sa sobrang dami ng pictures namin selected pictures nalang ang se-share ko ha!

Salamat sa Picnik at medyo sumisigla ang mga photo-ups namin hehe!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sobrang O.A. Pare

Meaning Super Over Advance Preparation for Baby Carl’s 1st Birthday Party.


Grabe ito. Parang ikakasal ulit ako sa sobrang excite at kaba. Today is Carl’s 5th month birthday. Ang bilis bilis ng mga araw kaya gusto ko all prepared ako at ayokong mangunsumi pag malapit na ang espesyal na okasyon na ito.


Kaya need ko little help nyo mga kumare’s at kumpadres. I have everything set up in mind. All I need is a good source of income suppliers for the event.


Please reserve the date. June 7 is Sunday, but if it’s more convenient we might move it to June 6 Saturday. Pero minsan ung mga ariya or chuva-chuchu ness ng mga matatanda na never move the celebration especially if it’s the first, seventh, debut or something like that. Kaya either June 6 or 7.


Sabi ko nga everything is set up na sa utak ko. It would be a Barney and Friends Theme Party. We might rent a Function hall in Pampanga para makapunta lahat ng ka-barangay ko (wahah joke).


First of all, bago ko hingin ang help nyo, invited lahat ng nakakabasa nito sa contact ko sa multiply. Kaya parang awa na ninyo help nyo akong maghanap ng mga ganitong ek-ek.


Bonggang bonggang Mascot nina Barney and Friends

Bonggang bonggang Cake Ni Barney and Friends

Bonggang bonggang balloons na may theme ni Barney and Friends

Bonggang bonggang Banner/ Streamer/ Tarpauline

Party favors or give aways (like bonggang bonggang stuffed toys ni barney and friends) ung di masyadong big, ung parang palm size or something like that.

Parang trip korin ung me Cart na Cotton candy, fundue, Corndogs ganyan.

Uso narin daw ung Face painting or Photo Booth

Nubang mas maganda Clown o Magician? (Neither of the two will do)

Kelangan din syempre ng bonggang bonggang host



Diko na kelangan ng Bonggang bonggang mga photographers dahil madami na kayo dito sa multiply higit pa kayo sa sobrang bonggang bongga.


Kung me alam kayo at me mahanap ng sites na pwede kong usisain, bigay nyolang anytime ha. Kung me kilala nman kayo hingi nyo ako ng quotation dyan sa lahat ng pinagsasabi ko. Promise me commission kayo. Haha!


Uy baka akalain ninyo pang super too the highest level ang kabonggahan ng party, O.A. lang akong magsalita. Hahah! Excited kc akong magpapicture ke Barney, BJ at Baby Bop. Hehe!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Repair & Customized

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Need Help?

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