Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why cord blood banking

I've been hearing about this before but never got a chance to read and understand what it is really all about. A cord blood is taken from the umbilical cord of a new born infant at virtually no risk to either the mother or infant. It is similar to blood taken from the bone marrow but is notably easier to extract. And with the recent advances in medical research indicate that using cord blood improves your chances of successfully fighting a wider range of diseases than marrow blood because the cells in cord blood are more primitive and carry a significantly reduced risk of bodily rejection and treating disease. Wow the value of cord blood is just amazing.

Home Gym

Before sinking a bundle into home exercise equipment, read and search some buying tips online. Home gym is better than going to the an outside gym because home gym is always available and at your convenience like having a ellipticals. You can get as good or better a workout in your own home without signing any contracts, driving, or spending a lot of money on expensive sporting goods equipment.

Acne Treatment

Are you tired of looking for a cure for your acne? There are a lot of acne cure that can work for you, but remember that there might treatment that works for you might and not work for someone else. Some acne treatment products can be harsh on your skin and may even lead to further complications. So just be gentle and choose the best treatment for your self.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Parang future Boksingero

Baby Carl: Mommy stop talking picture
Mommy: Im not taking you a picture, video ito anak, ala ngalang sounds

Baby Carl:Mommy Stop it na. I'm shy ala akong shorts
Mommy:Dont worry naka diaper ka nman eh!

Baby Carl:Kahit na im shy parin
Mommy:Dont worry ulit naka shoes kanaman. oks nayun

Baby Carl:Mommy please stop it na, naduduling nako o
Mommy:Dont worry anak, duling ka nman talaga... hehe joke joke

Baby Carl: Mommy if you wont stop ia-uupper cut boxing kita sige, sige, sige
Mommy:Ay wag anak masakit yan.

Baby Carl: Mommy stop na...
Mommy: Sige smile ka nalang

Baby Carl:Mommy not there, i dont have a kiliti there
Mommy: oh here...

Baby Carl: Not also there i dont have a kiliti there
Mommy:eh wer kase?

Baby Carl:Stop it na mommy...
Mommy:ok fine...

Parang Dinrowing

He is looking at me

Kunwari dinrowing pero di naman... hehe salamat sa

Parang Dinrowing

He is looking at me

Kunwari dinrowing pero di naman... hehe salamat sa

Parang Dinrowing

He is looking at me

Kunwari dinrowing pero di naman... hehe salamat sa

New and Stylish Eyeglases

Wearing an eyeglass could be costly, sometimes when it got broken; it will cost you more to fix it than to buy a new one right? The solution; try the Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses, they have the Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni so you would be sure that your not just getting the style you want you also save money. Zenni Optical was on FOX news! So hurry up and grab yours one today.

Are you into Playing Golfs?

Many people especially business man love playing golf. Even my co-workers are into playing golf every weekend. Sometimes they do invite me but maybe because I really didn’t know how to play I never insist to go even once. This coming 50th year anniversary of the company we were force to play as one of the employee. So I need to prepare myself for this I need to buy those golf shoes so I can able to play well and might bring a trophy after the event.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Picture.. picture...

Totoo kayang One month old lang sya? hahah...

Kagaya ng kanyang INa wala syang hilig sa Camera... diko sya pinilit dyan Promise... ahhahaha

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Naki-Picnik din...

Eh syempre sama ako sa picnik na ito... ayaw ko ngang mapag-iwanan... baka ma OP ako e! hehe!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Moving in!

Let's be honest and let’s admit that moving to a one place to another is really stressful. Packaging all the stuff that we need to bring and all the precious items that we do take care is really tiring. But thanks to mover NYC they will help you packed and organized all your things from start to finish.

Clear Vision

For the past years I’ve always been wearing an eyeglass when I drive and watch television. Sometimes I miss wearing my sunshades especially when I do long drive in the middle of the day but I just can’t. But the good news is with the new technology like the Lasik I can able to have the a clear vision again without the used of an eyeglass.

Wireless Headset

So everything is almost wireless nowadays, from the connection of the internet, cables, phones and other accessories that we almost used everyday. So if you are looking for a wireless headset check out the Bluetooth headset, this is a wireless connectivity over the ear. Like the Plantronics Explorer 340 is a sleek, lightweight headset that fuses Bluetooth wireless technology with effortless call control for a true hands-free experience.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Meyms: Nenok ko ulit ung picture mo...

I started to join digiscrap web challenge again para manumbalik ang dating sigla sa paggawa ng scrap at ma enhance ulit ang kinakalawang kong talent (daw) hehe...

Thanks Meyms sa super perfect na picture. Diko na dinamihan ang mga elements sa scrap kc picture palang perfect na...

Perforated Frame: KPertiet_WebChallenge70608 by Katie Pertiet
Paper : st-griottine-pp01 by Stéphanie@lsdsdesigns from st-griottine-minikit freebie
Border Stitch : chriscrap_couture2 of Kit Green Malva freebie by chriscrap's designs
Staple: mm_backwardstaplepk by Mandy Mystiques from mm_pkelements freebie
Other Elements: ALP CLP rubon by Nana's Attic from ALP CherryLimeParfait freebie
Font: Barcode
Photo: Courtesy of Maymee

Challenge Can be Viewed here:

Thursday, July 3, 2008

'till June 7

ang cute cute nya sa Yellow!

Wala akong mai-blog. hehe!

Angelina Jolie doing well

By Pierre Thebault

NICE, France (Reuters) - Pregnant Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is doing well in a French Riviera hospital and is expected to give birth to twins in "the coming weeks", her doctor said on Wednesday.

Doctor Michel Sussmann gave few details away during a brief news conference, declining to reveal the sex of the expected babies or give a clear indication of the likely birth date.

"What she needs now is simple surveillance by monitoring to ensure the good health of her babies in the weeks to come," Sussmann told reporters at the Lenval hospital in the southern French city of Nice.

Jolie, 33, arrived at the hospital on Sunday by helicopter and has a suite of rooms reserved for her and her partner Brad Pitt, which have been sealed off by bodyguards.

"Mrs Angelina Jolie and ... Mr Brad Pitt, told me to let you know that she is doing just fine at the moment," Sussmann said.

"She is a patient like any other ... very simple and for whom I have a great deal of respect," he added.

Jolie and Pitt, 44, already have four children, three of them adopted and the fourth, Shiloh, their biological daughter born in Namibia in 2006.

After months of speculation surrounding her pregnancy, Jolie finally confirmed she was expecting twins in an interview at the Cannes film festival in May. Continued...

Formal probe into Google/Yahoo deal

DOJ opens formal probe into Google/Yahoo deal

All bets are off now as Google's search ad partnership with Yahoo is being formally scrutinized by the Justice Department, according to an article in today's Washington Post. While Google and Yahoo had agreed to forestall the deal until the DOJ finished a voluntary review, the formal investigation is a red flag that signals serious antitrust concerns on the part of the DOJ. Here's what one expert quoted in the article says:

"It doesn't mean they have drawn any conclusions," said Peter Guryan, a partner with Fried Frank and formerly an antitrust lawyer in the Justice Department. But "it is a significant step beyond a request for voluntary information," he said. "It demonstrates that the DOJ clearly has questions."

The deal, announced on June 12, would give Google the ability to place search ads alongside Yahoo search results. While Google maintains that such a capability is good for consumers and advertisers because it provides more targeted advertising along with search results, and it would likely infuse Yahoo with an annual $800 million in much needed cash, critics say the deal only weakens Yahoo and strengthens Google's monopoly on search advertising.

Whatever the outcome, Microsoft, the No. 3 player in search whose purchase of Yahoo was recently rebuffed, must be smiling--at least for now. In fact, the Wall St. Journal reported today that Microsoft is renewing its search for partners--including big media names like News Corp. and Time Warner--to help in its Yahoo takeover bid. So far, no takers, but the deal is anything but dead.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bus Business

If you are planning to have a bus business like those simple school bus or tour bus, this will be a great opportunity for you. You can buy a bus at Buying a new or used bus can be an intimidating process, which is why at Carpenter Bus want to equip you with the tools and information you'll need to make an educated buying decision.

Home theater

My Mom always got amused every time we go to her friends house who owns home theater. She always fancies that big screen television and home theater chair and especially the home theater carpet. She asked me if we can buy her one as a gift this coming Christmas day. Good idea isn’t?