Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And im Back!

On his 5th day...

Hello World! Welcome back to me! And welcome back to work. I’m officially a Working Mom since yesterday. Hirap pala nun, gusto mong hilahin ang oras para off agad at super namimiss ko ang baby ko.

Anyways, guess what I have next to my desk? No, not my baby Carl… it’s my 15 oz fresh brewed coffee. Ang tagal koring pinangarap ito. From the time that I knew I was pregnant tinigil ko ang kape, kaya heto bumabawi lang ako. Super na miss ko talaga ito. Adik na adik na ulit kami ni Papa P. sa kape. Pinatigil kodin kc syang mag kape while I was pregnant, para fair ang laban ne?!

So how is me? Eto nagpapayat. I gain more or less 20 lbs from the time that I got pregnant. Baby Carl is 9.3lbs, my fluid inside my tummy is about 5-7 lbs, so isipin nalang natin na ung maga sa ilong ko e 2 lbs at ung manas-manas sa legs at paa e 2 lbs din at ung mga libag-libag sa aking umitim na leeg at kili-kili, lets say 1 lb (hehe) o edi tabla-tabla na?

Balik na ung dati kong shape (na actually mataba parin nman), pero nag ge-gain ako ng 2lbs every 2-3 hours dahil nag po-produce ng milk ang aking breast at nalu-lose ko nman ulit after ma breast pump. Ang hirap pala nun, mabigat sa pakiramdam. Pero that’s one of the miracle na bigay ni Lord kaya wag dapat sayangin diba?

Kamusta nman si Baby Carl? Hayun 2 weeks and 3 days na sya, pero parang 2 months na sya agad. Parang hindi ako nag-silang ng sanggol dahil toddler na sya agad.. hehe. Eto muna share kong pictures ha, diko pa na aupload ung ibang kodakan namin e!

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Monday, June 23, 2008

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A little snaps of my Not so little Baby Carl

Baby Carl was born June 7, 2008 at 12:45 midnight.
And he is a 9.3 lbs.

Kaya heto ako rest rest at rest muna...

Dikona papahula kung sino kamukha. kita nman evidence. pinagbiyak na bunga...