Friday, February 29, 2008

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Organized Your Home

I always wanted to have a clean and organized home station. It’s not because we only have limited space but because I wanted everything in the right place. No clattered toys, magazines, computers and etc. And finding a perfect mount would be the best solution to organize everything. An lcd mount for the flat screen television is just go great.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You & I

Last week while me and my sister is watching Maging Sino Ka Man (Celine and Jb Moment) biglang pinatugtog ang kantang ito... Oh my! biglang tumulo ang aking luha...

You and I - Sam Milby version

You and I
We're gonnna fly across the sky
Higher than high
Just You and I

You and I
We're gonna sail across the sea
Free as the breeze
Just You and me

You and I
Floatin' our boat
Leavin' a smoke
Slowin' our boat
Just lettin' it soak

You and I think
Song that I sing
Ringin' a bell
Livin' like heaven... heaven

You and I
We're gonna groove, make our move
Let it lay back
Stayin' our track

You and I
Livin' this life
Crying our cry
And saying goodbye
With tears in our eyes

You and I
Floatin' our boat
Leavin' a smoke
Slowin' our boat
Just ready to soak

You and I think
Song that I sing
Ringin' our bell
Living like heaven... heaven

You and I
We're gonna fly across the sky
Higher than high...
Just You and I

Defensor-Santiago on the stump

BRUSSELS -- Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago was acknowledged in the Belgian Parliament during visits she paid to both its chambers in her campaign to be elected to the International Court of Justice.

At the Senate, Santiago was greeted in French by Senate President Armand de Decker and in the Chamber of Representatives she was acknowledged in Dutch by its president, Herman van Rompuy, who interrupted a debate.

In both sessions, she was introduced as the chair of the Philippine Senate’s committee on foreign relations.

Santiago exchanged views with Sen. Marlene Temmerman, chair of the Belgian Senate’s committee on external relations and defense, on bilateral issues affecting Belgium and the Philippines.

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A high standard of service

Many Overseas Contract Workers nowadays sacrifice their self being away from their families and love ones just to have a good and better job abroad to get a high compensation to support their families back home. And many of them even sell their property just to get a good job overseas. So if you are interested in acquiring a better job with a good benefits check out the executive recruiting firm online.

They do maintained a high standard of service and commitment in the recruiting field. They had consistent record of successful placements that helped peoples build strong and trusted relationships with industry-leading clients and top-quality candidates.

‘World won’t forgive another Edsa’--Arroyo

MANILA, Philippines -- President Macapagal-Arroyo on Saturday said the world would not forgive another People Power uprising as the country celebrates the 22nd anniversary of the 1986 Edsa People Power revolution on Monday.

“The world embraced Edsa I in 1986. The world tolerated Edsa II. The world will not forgive an Edsa III,” the President said during a 30-minute interview over dzRH radio.

Ms Arroyo, who is battling renewed calls for her resignation amid the unfolding NBN-ZTE corruption scandal, said another popular revolt—this time targeting her—would not be acceptable to the rest of the Free World.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hubby's Hobby

My husband has always been a book addict. Every time we go to the mall I always find him inside the bookstore and looking for those new and bestseller books. But now that we don’t have a lot of time going around the malls, he always see to it that he do search online for this new release and best seller books at

Special Gifts

Are you having trouble finding the right gift for you partner? Why don’t you surprise him a one night event just wearing those sexy bustiers and lingerie. Bustiers are often boned and include underwires and may have removable straps. Bustiers can also be worn as outerwear. I bet that he will love this kind of surprise especially for after those tiring days at work.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Stylish and high quality EyeGlass

Since college I started using an eyeglass to get a good vision. I never tried using contacts because I am just so afraid they might hurt my eyes. But as the years passed, I got used to wear an eyeglass. But I really love those stylish and high qualities yet very affordable one. And for your satisfaction go and check out Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses, and for Great Discovery: Zenni Optical $8 Glasses, ang grab the Best Thing found: Zenni Optical $8 Glasses.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

And how's mom doing?

Your little one is moving (spinning, kicking, pirouetting, shimmying, and maybe even doing a bit of the Can-Can) so much these days that if you invite your friends and/or family to touch your belly there’s a good chance they’ll get a milder sample of what you’ve been experiencing . You’ve may have experienced the oddity that is strangers who feel a protruding pregnant belly is public property and a silent invitation for belly touching. We recommend taking the belly-touching calmly and if it really offends you, just say something like: “I just fell in a large vat of anthrax.”

Investing Gold

If you are thinking about investing gold, it is worth giving the same consideration to your purchase as you would to any other investment. Gold has been a proven method of preserving value when a national currency was losing value. If your investments are valued in a depreciating currency, allocating a portion to gold assets is similar to a financial insurance policy.

There is an increasingly wide range of methods available to investors wanting to buy gold, or gain exposure to gold price movements. From gold coins to gold bars to complex structured financial products, the most appropriate way will depend on the requirements and outlook of the individual investor.

My Magical Baby

This is another big week for my magical growing baby! Just take a look at the checklist for this week: 1) ears: done; 2) fingernails: done; 3) (if you have a boy) testicles: taking their 3-4 day trip from the abdominal wall to the scrotum; and 4) lungs walls: secreting “surfactant”. What’s that? Well, surfactant is sort of what it sounds like: a surface-activated fat whose main purpose is to assist the your baby's little lungs during inflation (as in, filling with air, not getting more expensive).

Back in Good Shape

Now that it would only take me four months to deliver my new born baby I also need to think on how I will lose those big belly’s and fats in my tummy. I wanted to get back in shape again so I can able to work again after the delivery. I and my husband is planning to buy those fitness equipment that we can able to use to gain back the confidence of having in good shape.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Buy them for Life

If you guys are planning on building or renovating your house, keep in mind that you need to be careful in choosing your accessories. Some people want those contemporary designs, some wants classic and bold. Nowadays there are wide selections of stylish kitchen faucets, bath faucets in both smart single handle faucets and two-handle designs that you can choose from. So check out Moen faucets; because you buy them for looks and you absolutely buy them for life.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


That pictures come's in my My Mind every time i Go shop around...
Gustong gusto kong magmaganda, pero parang dyahe.. hahahha...

Monday, February 18, 2008

My post Valentines Treat to.... myself ... ehhehe

And again... pinagpilitan ko tlgang maging sponsor ang company namin sa concert na ito para makakuha ako ng front seats at syempre libreng ticket... yuhuuuuuu.... di kaya ako mapaanak sa kakasigaw?

Diko isasama asawa ko baka mag selos at mag away kami after the concert. Hehhe! Si ermat ang kasama ko crush nya si Papa Lloydie e!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Essence of a Woman… este Essence of Valentines day pala…

San ngaba nag originated ang Balentayns day at pinagce-celebrate ng maraming coupling, pero di naman nila nagawang holiday? (kaya bad trip tuloy ung mga single na walang pakner) O syempre ask ko si Uncle Googling, at binigyan ako ng pagkahaba-habang istorya na ayaw ko namang ikwento pa sa inyo ng kumpleto. Summary of summary nalang pwede?

Nung mga panahon daw kc ni Emperor Claudius II sa Roma nahihirapan syang mag recruit ng mga soldiers, dahil ayaw iwanan ng mga kalalakihan ang kani-kanilang mga jowa-jowahan. Kaya pinagbawal nya lahat ng engagement at pagpapakasal sa Roma. E etong si father St. Valentine, nagperform parin ng mga secret marriages, kaya hinuli sya at inaresto sa paglabag sa batas. Kaya hayun he was beaten to death at beheaded (ouch) noong (hulaan nyo kung kelan?) nyhahah edi Pebrero katorse (feb14) mga taong dalwang daan taon at seventy (nyahha diko alam tagalog ng seventy) Feb 14, 270.

Akala ko nga dati, ang Valentines day ay galing ke Adam & Eve, Romeo at Juliet, o kaya nman ke Rose at Jack, pero magseselos naman si Rapunzel pag-nagkataon at hindi masama sa history ng Valentines diba?

Tingin nyo hanggang ngayon patok parin ang Valentines Day? Nung high school ako inggit na inggit ako sa mga klasmeyts kong me natanggap na flowers, chocolate, cards at kung ano-ano pang kaek-ekan. Kasi isip bata pa ako nun. Nyhahha… Tingin ko naman walang kinalaman ang mga gift nayan sa araw ng mga Puso. Pampalubag loob lang yan ng mga jowang me kasalanan. Hhahha…

Pwede namang araw-araw pasko diba? Este Valentines day pala. Kawawa mga Faffy na maraming kabit pag nagkaganun. Hahah! Napag-alaman ko (ke Gandang Ella) na ang totoong valentines day ng mga kabit, o kung tawagin ay Number 2,3,4,5,6.. etc.. ay Feb 13 kasi nga nman ung Feb 14 para un sa original at legal wife. Nyhaha.. kaya ung mga nakita nyong nagdate at nagpabook sa mga hotel, motel at kung saan-saang pang lupalop ng daigdig, 80%-20% chance e mga mistress o mistross yan! Hahah! Joke!

O sya! Happy Valentines day nalang sa lahat.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hindi sa Talang nasa Langit Kundi sa buwan na nakasilip, Ibigay ang hiling ng matang nakapikit

Kung si Thinz e may officemate na nakakapag pa high-blood sa kanya, ako naman e nahahighblood sa officemate ng aking asawa. Ako kasi ung naha-highblood at naiinis pagna-kwento sya sa akin. Angas naman kasi talaga yun e!


My husband just got hired recently sa isang Hotel dito sa Guam. Actually madami kaming inaplayan na trabaho nya pero pinipili nalang namin yung inaaccept nyang interview. And because of his managerial position way back in Pinas kaya sya na hire sa position nya ngaun.



To tell you the truth, ako ang nag apply for him, ni wala akong kilala sa hotel nayun and we have no back-ups at all. Kaya nung ibigay sa kanya at na hired sya, we both know na he deserve it. Pero dun pala sa isang sulok; meron isang dumbass na nag expect na mapapasa kanya ang position na yun. Wish nya lang.


At ngayon pinag-iinitan nya ang aking poging Papa p. dahil inagawan daw sya ng position. Haller! At bakit daw napunta sa asawa ko ang trabahong yun e kebago-bago palang nya dito sa US? Ang sarap pagsuntuk-suntukin ng askal nayun sa totoo lang. Akala ata nya e me ka friendster kami sa kataas taasang lipunan ng hotel.


Everytime na ipakilala daw sya sa mga kapwa Pinoy lagi sinisingit ng unggoy na ang papa ko ang umagaw sa position na dapat ay sa pobre. Sarap sipain at paputukin ng pigsa.


Kaya one time at me tahasang pinagawa sa asawa ko na hindi nman nya work, mega support nga ako at ako ang nagawa at ginawa kong ala presidential type ang dating ng Document, edi natigagal ang gunggong. Muntik ng lumuwa ang mata sa nakita. Naapproved agad sa lahat ng kataas-taasang lipunang manager; edi sa asawa ko ang credit. Belat. Nyhahha…


Anyhow, sabi ko naman sa aking Faffy wag nalang masyadong pansinin at inggit lang un. Kesehodang pumutok pa lahat ng buchi at kung anong pwedeng pumutok sa kanya, keber namin. Ang mahalaga nagagawa ya ang work nya at naipapakita nyang deserve nya ang position nayun… later on nalang kami gaganti.. Bwahhaha…



P.S. Kung hindi lang ako tesbun, sasama ako sa Maymee Challenge…


P.S.S. Enjoy ako sa mga pictures ng mga gumala this weekend… Naingget lang ako…


P.S.S.S. Kelangan bigyan ng challenge si THinz, wag i Blog si BTB for one whole week! Nyhahha kaya ba? Super Challenge ata un ah!


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Online Poker

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Dream Homes here i come

If you're looking to buy Branson real estate or a home on Table Rock lake, you'll find a full range of dream homes, lake homes, and other property in Branson. Whether you're a first time, or experienced buyer, Branson real estate we're here to handle your real estate needs. They also offer professional management for vacation rentals and a small trip get away for your family and friends.

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Budget wise

Throw away your water heater tank and shave ten to twenty percent off your water heating bill. That savings results from elimination of standby losses -- energy lost from warmed water sitting in a tank. And, since water heating accounts for about 14 percent of the average U.S. household energy budget, this can be a significant loss.

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Exercising Equipment for your Health

Before you spend all that money on infomercial exercise products, stop and consider if you really need it. While some of these exercise products may be effective, you can get the same benefit from items already in your home. But if your really a health fanatic and wanted to gain those muscles, check out those exercise equipment that can able to help you achieve your goal.