Friday, August 31, 2007

How to Join a Conversation

Hear a conversation that sounds interesting and want to get in it?


  1. Know what the people are talking about first of all.
  2. Listen to what they are saying and when its appropriate give your opinion on whatever they're talking about.
  3. Continue in the conversation like you were already in it and hopefully they won't have a problem with you joining.
  4. If you don't know what they are talking about but it sounds interesting ask what they are talking about and find out, then go to step two.


  • If you walk in on a conversation and have no clue what they're talking about, don't say anything until you've figured out what theyre talking about. You could say something stupid and embarrass yourself.
  • If you know the people who are talking they will be more likely to let you join. However, if anyone hints to go away, you should.

How to Join a Conversation

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hey guysss

Batsi muna ako. itutuloy kolang ang pagpapapawis namin ni Piolo ! weeeeeeeeee

Singit lang ito! next time post ko nman mga pix sa cam ko..


muahhh! i really did enjoy the night!

How to Have a Great Conversation

The art of conversation takes practice, but is not as hard as you might think. It will take some knowledge, practice, and patience, but you can learn to relax and enjoy a great conversation.


  1. Forget yourself. Dale Carnegie once said, "It's much easier to become interested in others than it is to convince them to be interested in you." If you are too busy thinking about yourself, what you look like, or what the other person might be thinking, you will never be able to relax. Introduce yourself, shake hands, then forget yourself and focus on them instead.
  2. Find out what the other person is interested in. You can even do some research in advance when you know you will have an opportunity to talk with a specific person. Complimenting them is a great place to start. Everyone likes sincere compliments, and that can be a great ice-breaker.
  3. Ask questions. What do they like to do? What sort of things have they done in their life? What is happening to them now? What did they do today or last weekend? Identify things about them that you might be interested in hearing about, and politely ask questions. Remember, there was a reason that you wanted to talk to them, so obviously there was something about them that you found interesting.

  4. Listen. This is the most important part of any conversation. You might think a conversation is all about talking, but it will not go anywhere if the listener is too busy thinking of something to say next. Pay attention to what is being said. When you listen attentively to the other person, injecting a thought or two, they will often not realize that it was they who did most of the talking, and you get the credit for being a good conversationalist - which of course, you are!
  5. Practice active listening skills. Part of listening is letting the other person know that you are listening. Make eye contact. Nod. Say "Yes," "I see," "That's interesting," or something similar to give them clues that you are paying attention and not thinking about something else - such as what you are going to say next.
  6. Ask clarifying questions. If the topic seems to be one they are interested in, ask them to clarify what they think or feel about it. If they are talking about an occupation or activity you do not understand, take the opportunity to learn from them. Everyone loves having a chance to teach another willing and interested person about their hobby or subject of expertise.
  7. Paraphrase back what you have heard, using your own words. This seems like an easy skill to learn, but takes some practice to master. Conversation happens in turns, each person taking a turn to listen and a turn to speak or to respond. It shows respect for the other person when you use your "speaking turn" to show you have been listening and not just to say something new. They then have a chance to correct your understanding, affirm it, or embellish on it.
  8. Consider your response before disagreeing. If the point was not important, ignore it rather than risk appearing argumentative. If you consider it important then politely point out your difference of opinion. Do not disagree merely to set yourself apart, but remember these points:

    • It is the differences in people--and their conversation--that make them interesting.
    • Agreeing with everything can kill a conversation just as easily as disagreeing with everything.
    • A person is interesting when they are different from you; a person is obnoxious when they can not agree with anything you say, or if they use the point to make themselves appear superior.
    • Try to omit the word "but" from your conversation when disagreeing as this word often puts people on the defensive. Instead, try substituting the word "and", it has less of an antagonistic effect.
  9. Consider playing devil's advocate - but do so carefully. If your conversation partner makes a point, you can keep the conversation going by bringing up the opposite point of view (introduce it with something like "I agree, and..."). If you overuse this technique, however, you could end up appearing disagreeable or even hostile.
  10. Do not panic over lulls. This is a point where you could easily inject your thoughts into the discussion. If the topic seems to have run out, use the pause to think for a moment and identify another conversation topic or question to ask them. Did something they said remind you of something else you have heard, something that happened to you, or bring up a question or topic in your mind? Mention it and you'll transition smoothly into further conversation!
  11. Know when the conversation is over. Even the best conversations will eventually run out of steam or be ended by an interruption. Shake hands with the other person and be sure to tell them you enjoyed talking with them. Ending on a positive note will leave a good impression and likely bring them back later for more!
How to Have a Great Conversation

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

How to Take Compliments

A lot of people have trouble receiving compliments, as sometimes it can be a little bit awkward. Though if you accept it gracefully enough, they will be as happy with your manners as what they complimented on. This is where this little "how to" comes in handy.

Some people find it difficult to take a compliment. They get nervous, defensive, or even unintentially rude. These steps will help you take a compliment without making yourself or the other person uncomfortable. The goal is tostay cool and accept the compliment with class and dignity.


  1. Sit or stand up straight. Do not shrink back and act timid. This makes you seem like you either don't like them, or you aren't confident, or you don't believe them.
  2. Smile when taking a compliment. A compliment is intended to make you feel good. If you frown, look at the ground, or look away, the other person will be confused or uncomfortable. Smiling will make both of you feel good.
  3. Thank them. This is one of the best ways to reply in return to a compliment. Very simple, and very easy.
  4. Return the compliment if possible. If there is something that you have noticed and wanted to compliment then do so. But don't force it or compliment something disingenuously. If it is not an honest compliment it may show and hurt their feelings, seem rude.

How to Take Compliments

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

How to Be Cool

Have you always wanted to be the cool guy, who always seems to do the right thing? Or are you dying to be the cool girl, who flows through life with ease and grace? Are all of the 'cool' kids making fun of you? Here are some steps that define the essence of being cool. The rest is up to you.


  1. Take a deep breath. Being cool is all about being relaxed and comfortable in any circumstance.
  2. Act like you don't care what people think of you. Better yet don't care what most people think. We will always, on some level, be concerned with others' opinions of ourselves, but realize that ultimately, you'll never be able to please everyone, so why bother trying? People have millions of ways to get under your skin. Learn to spot them and become immune.
  3. Be aware of how people perceive you. This might seem to contradict the previous step, but there's a difference in letting people's judgements affect your self esteem, and being aware of how you come off to others. In terms of physical appearance, beware of food getting stuck in your teeth, bad breath, body odor, toilet paper stuck to your shoe, etc. In terms of composure, try not to stare (it makes people uncomfortable), stand/sit up straight (it makes you look and feel more confident), smile generously, be polite and considerate, etc.
  4. Present yourself in a way that makes you feel the most comfortable and confident. Even if people snort about it when you walk by, remember that ultimately, you'll feel ten times more uncomfortable wearing something that just isn't you. Walk with good posture and look people in the eye. Your body language says a lot about you. Be aware of the messages you are sending out. If you slump or stare at your feet, people won't respect you. You have to look and feel confident in order to receive the respect you need.
  5. Find real friends. For example, if people don't hang out with you because you don't wear designer clothes, they are not real friends. Instead, find friends that see you for who you are. If the people standing in front of you can't see you for you, then how can they be your friend?
  6. Don't be afraid to be different, whether that means standing up for yourself, defending someone else, or taking interest in something that no one else does, like playing an instrument or dancing when no one else will. The coolest people are the ones who occasionally break against the tide and make people question the status quo.
  7. Don't lose your cool. If you feel yourself about to lose your temper, or burst into tears, or lose control in any way, take a deep breath and excuse yourself.
  8. Practice your voice. Talk with clear voice and add some bass in it. Remember that the way you speak is equally important as the way you show up yourself. Learn not to ask questions and speak with statements.
  9. Say what you feel and don't be shy when doing so. Be confident in your word and don't let anyone try and change it. If you state your opinion and people disagree, don't worry. You said what you felt and people will respect you for that. However, make it count. Don't shout out your opinion just to be heard. Make sure it's relevant, and be ready to back it up soundly.
  10. Let the conversation flow. Have light topics you can go on and speak about. What's hot in pop-culture is always a good topic. Always avoid topics like school, work, computers etc. They tend to bore other people and they will associate this feeling with you.
  11. Have good stories you can inject into the conversation. But don't use them just to look cool. Use them only when the conversation has right spot for them. Remember, cool people have many cool stories because their life is so cool.
  12. Learn how to laugh at yourself. Being cool doesn't mean being perfect, and being able to find humor in your moments of clumsiness and discomfort is the defining hallmark of being cool. People will not only respect you for it, but they'll like you for being human, just like them.
  13. Practice your cool walk; everyone has their own cool walk so try to find your own. Try it really slow, or really fast. See what works for you.
  14. Try writing a list of all of the goals you are aiming for. What essentially makes you cool is your identity. Try to find your talent -- sports, music, art, whatever. People will notice your passion and respect you for it.
  15. In school, it is always cool to know the answer that the teacher asks, but it is generally not cool to raise your hand. This changes when you get into the business world.
  16. Be prepared to engage in conversation. Talking usually is quite cool and people like to talk to people who are talkative. If you have nothing to talk about, you can think a little bit but if you think too hard, you will most likely talk about something not interesting. Also when you think too hard, you will make your self look stupid and it will show that you're not confident. It is sometimes quite helpful to say the first intelligent thing that comes to your mind.
  17. Showing off a little sometimes helps but don't make fun of your friends because that's how you lose them. If you show off too much, people will catch on and you will not be cool or as cool. Making fun of other people is never cool. Joking about your own short comings is always cool.
  18. Learn to play an instrument. Guitar is a cool one. So is Piano, Trumpet, Drums, Sax, and Bass Guitar. For help buying a guitar, click here
How to Be Cool

Monday, August 27, 2007

How to Help a Friend Quit Doing Drugs

If you are trying to help a friend stop taking harmful or illegal drugs, then you have taken the first step; being a true FRIEND! However, that is probably the easiest part of the process. The rest may prove to be more difficult than you could imagine, possibly even causing you to challenge your own belief system.


  1. First and foremost, your friend must acknowledge that using drugs is in fact a problem. Without acknowledging that a problem exists, there will never be a solution. Depending on the stage of drug use--experimental, social, habitual, dependent--your friend may not see a problem at all. This is where you must define the problem(s) for your friend.
  2. Take action! Your friend must DECIDE to stop using drugs. Only he/she can do that. People are motivated by either pleasure or pain. Determining which is the motivator for your friend will help narrow the focus of effort.
  3. Get help. Heavy drug use requires professional help to stop initially, and for the long term. You can help by: taking them to a clinic or a professional; help them change their environment to get rid of the temptation.
  4. Be a positive force in your friend's life. Let your friend know (by word AND deed) that you are there for support. Help your friend remained focused on the positive goals that don't include drugs. Reinforce your friend's good behaviors without drugs. Don't abandon your friend when they slip up.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

How to Be a Better Friend

Ever wonder how to return the help your friends have given you? How to be the kind of friend everyone wants? Well, read on!


  1. Remember that friends are there for both the good and the bad. If your friend is going through a difficult moment, try to be there for him/her. Even if you can't solve it (and you usually can't) knowing someone is there with them will help them more than you can imagine.
  2. If your friend is doing something that you don't agree with: tell them. If it's something that can't harm them, but you don't like, give them your opinion and then drop the subject. If it is something potentially harmful to them and they won't stop, seek help.
  3. Don't wait for them to seek you out. If this is a friend you don't see often: Call them! Visit them! Don't always wait for them to look for you, make it be both ways. However don't go overboard into stalkerish attitudes. If your friend doesn't call back after you've called twice, let things cool and call another friend.
  4. Don't judge your friends. No matter what they're doing you don't agree with, remember that it is their life and you've got to respect their choices. You can support them, or tell them you don't agree, but don't judge.
  5. Don't try to imitate your friends. This kind of attitude is a turn off and may make your friends beg for some distance from you. Remember to be yourself, no matter what.
  6. Learn to listen. It's a good skill to have. Everyone loves to talk about themselves. Practice not interrupting with things like, "Oh yeah, I did that too once..." and starting in with a story about yourself. Ask lots of questions and be interested in what your friend is saying.
  7. Sometime if you're shy, they'll will come to you. Be honest and open.
How to Be a Better Friend

Saturday, August 25, 2007

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

It's hard enough to make local relationships work, but having miles, States, and sometimes even an ocean between you makes it even more difficult. However, successful long distance relationships can and do exist. Here's how to give yours every chance to survive and thrive.


  1. Ask the important questions at the onset, to make sure you are both clear on the parameters of the relationship. These can be difficult and awkward questions to ask, but will save you great heartache and misunderstanding down the line.

    Are you open to the possibility of relocating if the relationship should become more serious?
  2. Communicate in some way every day - more than once if possible. Since you won't be seeing each other, it's important to establish and maintain an emotional connection. These don't have to be long, in-depth conversations (though those should occur sometimes). Tell each other about your little triumphs and tragedies. Ask for advice. Use an instant messenger program or VoIP for real-time chat, or webcams for that visual connection. E-mail is great so make sure you use it, especially if long-distance phone calls put a strain on your budget. Write love letters. Send small gifts or flowers for no reason. In this case, quantity is as important as quality. You may discover an advantage over others whose partner is close at hand - you don't take communication for granted!
  3. Take advantage of the benefits a long distance relationship offers: more time with friends and/or family, no arguments over toothpaste caps, the pleasure of seeing your sweetheart again after a long absence, time to mull your options (rather than snapping at your partner impulsively) before you respond to that email s/he wrote that seemed so rude the first time you read it, etc. Most important, being far apart gives you a chance to maintain your individuality - something that can get lost in the shuffle when couples spend all their free time together.
  4. Pursue common interests, even if it means pursuing them apart. If there's a movie you're both interested in seeing, watch it individually and then call each other afterward and talk about it. Read a certain book at the same time. Stargaze while on you're on the phone. Set your watches to go off at the same time every day, and synchronize your alarm with that of your partner. Make it a point to think of each other when your watch goes off, and revel in the fact that he or she is thinking about you, too. Find creative ways to bond.
  5. Avoid the temptation to be controlling. People have free will and no one can or should control another person. As long as you are both interested in being in the relationship, you will stick with it and distance will not make a difference. As soon as one of you decides the other is not a good match - or someone else is a better match - your relationship ends, whether you live 3000 miles apart, two streets over, or share the same bed with your wedding picture on the wall. You are going to have to trust each other completely if this relationship is going to work.
  6. Talk about your future together. Assuming that ultimately you'd want to live together, discussing how you're going to get to that point will help you prove to each other that the relationship is going somewhere and that your efforts and frustrations are not in vain.
  7. Know when to say good-bye. While this is tough in any relationship, this can be especially hard over long distances. When communication becomes one-sided or sparse for too long and for no apparent reason, when arguments (yes, you'll have them) become too frequent, when the whole thing just seems like more trouble than it's worth, it's time to re-evaluate the relationship. Either you'll decide to go your separate ways, or you'll get closer for having overcome another obstacle to your happiness together.

Friday, August 24, 2007

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How to Customize Keyboard Speed in Windows

Have you ever being annoyed by the slow response of your Keyboard, when you keep on holding the key for an hour to make it work on your Windows PC. Through this article, you can remove that problem of late response, and make your Keyboard Keys work as you touch them.


  1. Go to Start, and click on Control Panel.
  2. If you are working on Category View, then double-click on Printers and Other Hardware, and Keyboard after that. Open Keyboard directly, if you are working on Classic View.
  3. Now, you can choose the settings by moving each bar with the specific headings such as Repeat Delay, Repeat Rate, and Cursor Blink Rate. Move the bar with the heading of Repeat Delay according to your taste, and check the new settings on a Text Box given above Cursor Blink Rate.
  4. After making changes to the Keyboard Settings, click on OK Button, and you have successfully increased the response speed of your keyboard.

Gold bullion

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Adoo-doo-doo* Ah-Da-da-da * A-ha-ha

O bago ako umuwi sa sabado, heto muna ang treat ko senyo...

Adoo-doo-doo* Ah-Da-da-da * A-ha-ha

O bago ako umuwi sa sabado, heto muna ang treat ko senyo...

How to Make Clay Dice

Making your own clay dice to play games with is easy. All you will need is some clay, the ability to bake it and a tool for making the number holes (dots). Follow these easy instructions to make a quick and fun creation.


  1. Start with a soft bit of clay. It must be equivalent to the size that you want your dice to be.
  2. Roll a piece of clay into a long, snake shape.
  3. Cut the snake shape into equal parts. Discard any pieces that are not equal.
  4. Roll each piece of clay into a ball. Make one ball for each die. The ball does not need to be perfect.
  5. Using your fingers, shape each ball into a cube. Squeeze top and bottom, then left and right sides, then front and back sides. Repeat this squeezing process until the piece of clay resembles a perfect cube.
  6. Use a pen, or other slender-tipped object, (even a stick will work) to write dots or the numbers 1-6 on each die.

    • "1" and "6" are placed opposite one other.
    • "2" and "5" are placed opposite one other.
    • "3" and "4" are placed opposite one other.
  7. Bake your finished die or dice in a low-temperature oven. 250ºC is a good, low temperature. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes, or until properly baked.
  8. Allow to cool. The die will still seem a little soft while hot.

Great place to live in

If you are looking for an affordable housing with a huge of establishment around your place, then you can go and check the Paulding County.

Paulding County, GA is a great place to live in and raise your family where you got a nice and friendly neighborhood. Lots of sports activities, church activities and good eat restaurants.

Paulding County is in the top 5 cities with families, and has 46% of households have children under 18. And the 15th fastest growing county in the United States in 2007 a total population with just over 100,000.

It is located suburb area of West Atlanta with lots of shopping malls and restaurants like Wall-mart, Starbucks, Longhorns, Movie Theater, Office Max, and much more other.

So check them out and you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

How to Give Your Room a Creepy Look

Tired of that same old bedroom with all that Disney crap on it? Here's a way to give it that creepy look you so desire!


  1. Get a tiled floor in the following textures or colors: Brick, Gravel, Metal, Black, Grey, or Tree bark.
  2. For your door, get an archway. Worn/distressed brick would be nice.
  3. Paint your walls black.
  4. Replace some of your lights with black lights.
  5. Get some scary music, like children singing without music or agonizing cries. (No screeches!)
  6. Make sure all your furniture is either black or dark grey.
  7. Go to a halloween prop store and get some stuff like bleeding corpses, chains, fog solution, etc. If you're going to use fog, make sure it's environmentally safe, and keep a fan going.
  8. Hang a couple of things from your ceiling.
  9. Keep journals and thick, old books around for atmosphere.

Energy efficient with a view

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Strategic and Creative

Nakaw po ke Te NALEN; weeee.. parang sinungaling nman ang result nung akin! hahah!

Lheeanne, the right jobs for you would allow you to be Strategic and Creative

With your skills, you could be earning up to $200,000 per year. Find out which jobs match these skills in your personalized Right Job Report.

As a Strategic type, you want to be able to express yourself and your ideas through work. Sure there's a time and place for rules and procedures, but when a good thought strikes you, you don't want it to be boxed into one way of thinking. You're willing to go outside the rules if there's a chance that the risk will reap big rewards.

You are stronger than most when it comes to generating ideas. And because of this, it might sometimes feel easier to take on all aspects of a job yourself instead of wasting time explaining it to someone else who might not "get it" like you do. But because you have so many ideas and are willing to take on so much, you might find that you sometimes have trouble finishing every project you start.

Your diplomacy and adaptability make you a valuable asset. But your need to feel invested in a company that allows you to express your original ways of thinking will ultimately impact how happy you are in the workplace.

Strategic and Creative

Nakaw po ke Te NALEN; weeee.. parang sinungaling nman ang result nung akin! hahah!

Lheeanne, the right jobs for you would allow you to be Strategic and Creative

With your skills, you could be earning up to $200,000 per year. Find out which jobs match these skills in your personalized Right Job Report.

As a Strategic type, you want to be able to express yourself and your ideas through work. Sure there's a time and place for rules and procedures, but when a good thought strikes you, you don't want it to be boxed into one way of thinking. You're willing to go outside the rules if there's a chance that the risk will reap big rewards.

You are stronger than most when it comes to generating ideas. And because of this, it might sometimes feel easier to take on all aspects of a job yourself instead of wasting time explaining it to someone else who might not "get it" like you do. But because you have so many ideas and are willing to take on so much, you might find that you sometimes have trouble finishing every project you start.

Your diplomacy and adaptability make you a valuable asset. But your need to feel invested in a company that allows you to express your original ways of thinking will ultimately impact how happy you are in the workplace.

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Online Shopping Boutique

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Bookstore Online

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Quality Executive Desks

Are you looking for a sophisticated look for your office? Check out all the designer office furniture for Executives and Professionals especially the modern desks at

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Diet Patch

Are your tired of those dietary supplements that didn’t work for your diet?

Try the hoodia patch. Hoodia sends signals to the brain that make your brain believe that your body is full, even when it is not. These signals are believed to be thousands of times stronger than the signals that sugar sends to the brain for the same reason. So in no time you can able to control your appetite.

Hoodia patch can helped you drop those unwanted fats that you got after being pregnant and let you help increase your energy but decrease your appetite.

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Free Blog Review from a PR4 Site

How can you get a blog review of your site without spending cents from your pocket?

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Online Coupons

Present someone special with coupons to redeem for everything from a hug to weeding the garden and taking out the trash. You can surprise your love ones or friends by buying or giving them free online coupons for their next purchase.

So before you shop online for Christmas, birthday or anniversary gifts, or you just shop for yourself, you need to know how to easily locate and use online coupons to save a bundle!

Online coupon codes usually give you a discount for buying any, or sometimes a certain amount of merchandise from a certain company. Instead of handing a cashier a paper coupon to scan, to use an online coupon, all you have to do is insert a code into the designated box on your online checkout form. It's just that simple.

You can also motivate your employees by giving away coupons as a bonus for their next groceries. This is the best way to rewards your employee to get special discounts from clothing coupons, consumer electronics coupons, beauty coupons and more; today however this is also used to attract new customers.

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Bloggers Against Abuse

Bloggers Against Abuse
September 27th, 2007

On September 27th, 2007, all bloggers are invited to join forces to raise the awareness towards abuse.

This was organized by BlogCatalog. Discussion forum can be found here.

Nutritional Supplements

If you are into a body builder or just simply into sports which need a high maintenance for your body nutrition, then check out the latest food and nurtitional supplements over at

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Personalized Printed Products

If you have been thinking of very nice and affordable products that your employee or customer can treasure, try the most top printed products like the personalized pens for your company.

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Custom Mail Boxes

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Drug Treatment Center

Oftentimes when a person is caught up in the drug they try to hide or disguise their addictive behavior. If you know someone or a loved one that has a serious drug addiction problem, no worries there is already a drug rehabs that has been offered at Sunset Malibu.

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They where considered a drug treatment center. Each drug treatment program is different for every person that comes through our doors. And they develop an individualized drug treatment program for each patient. And they will help you or your loved one through each step of your program.

World Class Condo Hotels

If you are planning for a short vacation for yourself or for your family and planning to stay at a Condo Hotel, whether as an owner or a guest, you should expect all of the carefree amenities associated with a luxurious hotel.

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Even if you are If you are looking to rent one of the worlds’ most exquisite vacation properties or hoping to sell your property fast, easily, and affordably, Condo Hotel Marketplace is the ultimate vacation property portal.

One-stop golf gear-shopping

One of the most non-stop and popular games for the international or domestic travelers is golf. And I can say they there will always a place and ways for improvement.

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Office Supplies

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Buy and Sell Homes

One of our basic necessities is home. That’s why in today’s business one of the major industries that gain a lot of success is the Real Estate Industry.

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Orlando Vacation Trips

Are you looking for a best place for your honeymoon or family get away? Everyone has dreamed of that perfect romantic vacation, honeymoon, or getaway – warm tropical breezes, beautiful sunsets, exquisite dining, and luxurious accommodations.

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Luxury home

Many people nowadays are looking for that special house that they can call home. People are willing to spend a lot just to make sure that their family is secure enough and they can get all the necessities they all wanted.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Web Site Monitoring

Having an active website should need a full attention because many customers could be requesting and asking question about your products.

In the event that you can't able to do it by yourself, you will be needing a 24 hours seven days a week web site monitoring to watch your site and LogicReach is here to help you.

LogicReach monitors your web sites and servers to ensure that your visitors and customers can reach them 24/7, you can use their network of monitoring servers to monitor from various geographic locations.

And in the event your site is unreachable they will send you an email or SMS message direct to your mobile device notifying you. What a great relief for a very busy person right?

And in addition to the monitoring, they make sure that they also test response time - page load time and offer extensive reporting facilities to allow you to monitor your site effectively.

Check LogicReach for more information.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Sales Motivation

Being Self-motivated means driven, focused, ready for objective discussion, also being sharp and smart enough not to be manipulated and be open to positive learning. Being in this state of mind always, is the challenge to achieve success.

There are some ways of Sales Motivation that can able to help people to take one positive step in being focus in all positive area of his life and towards success.

First is to understand the state of mind, the host of human problems, habits, stresses, anxieties or deficiencies can be traced to interpretations by the subconscious mind. But with the help of Hypnosis, the subconscious mind receives and retains neither accepting nor rejecting, all messages that we receive. A major benefit of hypnosis is that these out-dated messages can be transformed into new understandings.

Now try to think good things around you which will bring the drive like being healthy and achieving the right weight for you to bring back the self-confidence.

The Stanford Method is a sound approach to developing lifelong eating habits and safely achieving permanent weight loss. Rather than regarding weight loss as another “dreaded diet” our program helps clients develop positive eating habits that last. The program is designed to help clients become physically and emotionally satisfied with moderate portions of the healthiest foods.

Looking inside on your strengths is the KEY to success

How to Select a Laptop Desk

A laptop desk comes in handy when you travel hours together and would like to pitch in with some work hours during your flight. It provides a perfect work surface and keeps heat away from your lap. But then how do you select a laptop desk? If you ask the LaptopGuide this is what he will say...


  1. Working Conditions: First check your working conditions. Do you travel frequently in a car or do you need a lapdesk to work while you are sitting by the pool or do you need a wall mount in your home to keep the laptop away from your baby. Different requirements have different solutions.
  2. Material: Select a light-weight and tough material that is resistant to impact loading. Polycarbonate is great for this purpose.
  3. Design and Aesthetics: Look for most ergonomic design that you can find. More the number of different angles in which the work surface can be adjusted the better it is. Although a fixed design generally has many unseen advantages IE No moving parts to break - Lighter weight and portability.
  4. Insulation: One of the major advantages of a laptop desk is that it won't allow the heat generated by the system to reach your lap. So make sure that there is a good enough insulation padding along with proper ventilation facilities.
  5. Grip: A good gripping surface holds the laptop in place. That prevents slipping of the laptop on the desk and at the same time it prevents slipping of the laptop desk on your lap.
  6. Cost: This is an important factor that should be considered while planning your laptop desk purchase. Do some initial survey and plan your budget. Look at a few online stores to have a rough idea about the price variation.
  7. And at last but not the least go for a laptop desk that you feel suits to your style. Your workplace should be inviting enough to attract you to pour in those hours of hard work. Because at the end of the day your efficiency is all that matters.

10 Minute Oil Change

If diamonds are girl’s best friend, for the guys this could be their cars. I know I’m right, because I used to tease my long time boy friend; he spends more than to his car than mine.

But when I started driving and got my own car too, I was told that I need to take care of my car as I was taking care of my self. And car maintenance became part of my routine. But because I do know nothing about maintaining the car, I always see to it that I go to the right place to get a better service for my car.

Car owners sometimes neglected the preventative measures like the oil changes that applies to tire pressure. Its good there is a 10 minute oil change at QuickChange. At QuickChange, the Cleveland based oil change service that provide 10 minute oil changes services, such as transmission fluid, differential fluids, and transaxle fluid, can be "topped off" with no additional charge between your 10 minute oil change visits.

They know that it take some times to do the normal car maintenance, that’s why they offer the 10 minute oil changes centers to do a comprehensive 18-point service that checks these items for those very busy person.

And if you are interested in franchising Oil change company, Oil Change Franchising Opportunities Offers an Always in Demand Industry. It allows you, the franchisee to operate a well known oil change franchise business from a larger company, or franchiser. Meaning, you can able to operate your own oil change franchise that bears the name QuickChange Oil.

Check QuickChange online for more details and information.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

How to Be Self Motivated

Being Self-motivated means driven, focused, ready for objective discussion, also being sharp and smart enough not to be manipulated and be open to positive learning. Being in this state of mind always, is the challenge.


  1. "Self motivated" is a state of mind which we should earnestly try to be in as often as we can. The first step to understand is that this state of mind is possible, but it is generally very elusive or comes for a short span of time, encouraged by short term commitment or by a dream fulfilment process.
  2. Remember, that what you think is unique in your life or situation is not unique at all. There may be something similar or more unique in others' lives. There are only two types of people; one who succumbs to a situation, or one who overcomes successfully.
  3. Now try to think good things around you which will bring the drive. Change your over all mood and then start taking small significant decisions - look for getting more facts for accurate assessment of the situation.
  4. Get into positive spiral. One positive step leading to the next.
  5. Remember, that being self motivated is your challenge. Do not expect any external positive contribution. If you get that, you are lucky. Looking inside on your strengths is the KEY.

San Diego Glass Tint

We all wanted to feel comfortable anytime, anywhere and in any days. Having your house or office windows tint will bring safety and comfort to anyone that stays in there.

This is the main reason why we love tinted house or office. The cooling effect is great; you cannot even feel the hot of the sun outside.

Ordinary window glass cannot satisfy all the demands we have today for safety and security, privacy, comfort, and visual appearance. Especially the winter heat loss through glass is an expensive waste of energy. In the summer, solar heat and glare through glass cause irritation, inefficiency, and increased air-conditioning costs.

The ordinary glass that we usually use do break and splint, but having window film on your windows can reduce the likelihood of injury by holding fragments of shattered glass in place. At san diego glass tint you will get the security of your kids even they love to run around.

SunPro uses window film that comes with the industry's toughest and most durable coating. This makes it easy to clean with most everyday household window cleaner. What good is Window offers a range of tints to coordinate with any room, including neutral so it would fit to the design and style that you want.

So start saving now for your office or home windows tint. Get the best windows tint at san diego glass tint and start to feel the comfort and safety of your family.

How to Take a Great Photo

There are many things that go into making a beautiful picture. All you need to do is take a little time to get just the right shot.


  1. Get a camera. Digital cameras work best because you can see the shot immediately after taking it. That way you know what you did right or wrong and can retake the picture if you need to.
  2. Have an objective or main focus, be it a flower, person, building etc. It is the thing that is most important in the picture. The photographer (you) plays up this object in order to show the beauty and meaning of it.
  3. Pay attention to lighting; this helps to project the mood of a photo. If you are looking for a "happy" photo, then you would most likely want the photo to be bright, and the opposite if you wanted a more "depressing" photo.
  4. Pick an angle that shows maximum color and minimum shadow. To make things appear longer or taller, a low angle can help. If you want a bold photo, it is best to be even with the object. You may also want to make the object look smaller or make it look like you're hovering over; to get the effect you should put the camera above the object.
  5. Try capturing a moment with your picture. In other words, make it obvious that your picture has a story behind it.
  6. Have fun! If taking pictures is not your thing and you're not really interested in it, then it will show. Whether it's a hobby or career, have fun with it and take photos of what you enjoy.

Online Flower Shop

You wanted to surprise your sweetheart for her birthday or for your anniversary even though you are far away with each other? Now you can. Besides from Jewelry, the flowers are also your girlfriend best friend. Admit it girls, we love receiving bunch of flowers. It touches our heart and we melt like chocolates.

Try sending her favorite flowers on your special day. Send flowers & gifts from Booth Flower Shop, They have all variety of only the best flowers and Gifts. Their flower shops online makes it easy to send flowers and plants delivered almost anywhere in North America, Canada or worldwide.

Because they are committed to offer just the finest floral arrangements and gifts with the best service in town.

Often times when someone got sick, you need to make sure to send them get well flowers to say that you care. Nothing says it better! At Booth Flower Shop they have the selection of the silk flowers and get well gifts that compliment each other. If you are trying to create a casual environment, get colorful flowers and gifts which are exciting and thrills the patient.

Giving a get well gift basket and flowers are just a few of the numerous ways to express and extend your support and care to your near ones. Remember this might cost you a little; but its value for the one lying on the bed is, infinite.

So check the flower shop online and start shopping for your Anniversary Flowers, Mother's Day Flowers, Get Well Flowers, Birthday Flowers, New Baby Gifts, and Sympathy Flowers.

No To Drugs Addiction

The path to drug addiction begins with the act of taking drugs. Over time, a person's ability to choose not to take drugs is compromised. This in large part is a result of the effects of prolonged drug use on brain functioning, and thus on behavior.

Addiction, therefore, is characterized by compulsive, drug craving, seeking, and use that persist even in the face of negative consequences. Once the drug addiction is identified it is important that you confront or intervene with the individual suffering from the addiction.

Oftentimes a person is caught up in the addiction cycle often try to hide or disguise their addictive behavior. They even try to hide the addiction from themselves. But no worries, there is always a Drug Rehabilitation Center where they treat individual and gives extended care and support.

Selecting a drug rehab center is one of the most important and difficult decisions you will make in your lifetime. Few of us know what to look for in a quality rehab program and not all drug rehabilitation centers are alike.

Taking the first step in addiction drug treatment and recovery is the hardest.

At they teach that the best prevention and catalyst to recovery from addiction is education. They understand addiction and they can help you get the tools and information you need to help you or your loved one's recovery from addiction.

There are many different treatment programs, treatment facilities, and methodology available. There are addiction treatment and drug rehab centers that offer inpatient and outpatient care as well as a variety of treatment length and methodologies included. Drug addiction treatment centers are not one size fits all. Different programs are going to be ideal for different individuals and situations.

So check now, they provide drug rehabilitation treatment to those individuals suffering from drug addiction and drug abuse related issues.

How to Take a Photo Using Fill Flash

Many pro photographers use flash when taking pictures of people outdoors. This technique is called "fill flash" because it's used to fill in harsh facial shadows caused by bright sunlight. It's simple to learn and it will make a big difference in your images.

NOTE: Cameras and flashes have varying degrees of fill flash automation. The following assumes your kit has none.


  1. Meter the scene normally. Make sure the shutter speed is at, or slower than, the flash synch speed.
  2. Set your flash to expose the scene at an f-stop 1 or 2 stops larger than the f-stop you set on the camera. Example: if the aperture on the camera lens is f8, set the flash as if the aperture is f5.6 or f4. This will fill in the shadows without overexposing the lit areas.
  3. Take the picture.


  • Many modern cameras will perform the above functions automatically (or at least try to). When shopping, ask if the camera's fill flash can also be controllled manually.
  • If it's too bright to use a shutter speed at or slower than the synch speed, use slower film (lower ISO if digital) or put a neutral density filter on the lens.

Property In Turkey

Are you a property investors and looking for great overseas property? Whether this is for pure investment or for your business check the Oruc World of properties online, they have the property developments from around the world to suit your requirements.

They have Brochure information that can be delivered electronically and sent it directly to your email address.

Also check out the Property Turkey, the world's most beautiful blue flag beaches a Mediterranean climate and very affordable property market, Turkey has become a signpost of value to overseas property investors and holiday home buyers.

An Oruc-Overseas Property inspection tour enables you to see and sample the country and properties first hand and without obligation, book a try before you buy.

Book your Overseas Property Viewing Tour TODAY limited places available from just £49 per person.

They are proud to be able to assist people, just like you, improve lives … And their customers start as clients, but because of the nature of their business they soon end up as friends.

Furniture Store

Let’s face it, it’s priceless to see your woman smiling and having the best time sitting in your new couch or you’re newly delivered furniture.

But it’s more fun and exciting experience shopping around and finding the best and top quality products furniture for your home at the best furniture store.

At you can never go wrong, there is a full-service cafeteria with free soft drinks and ice cream. You also get a free lunch or dinner when you make a purchase from the store, so if you plan on buying come in there with your hungry stomach.

And while you’re shopping and walking around they have a playground area with full trained staff to watch your children so you can relax and shop for great furniture in peace. The playground makes shopping fun for child too, so you wouldn’t be worried at all.

So Trust me when i tell you that they've got the best selection and top quality furnitures at Houston furniture. Take a look at this piece of living room that i found in their site. Isn't lovely? This is the best piece of furniture that suit to my style. Simply and so gorgeous.

So what are you waiting for? Check and experience shopping with all the best and top quality products for your home furnitures.